us-delegation-in-rojavaUS President Donald Trump’s representative in the global coalition against ISIS Brett Mc Gurk arrived in Rojava yesterday with officials from the US State Department.

McGurk’s first stop was the Ayn Isa town. The US delegation first met with the Raqqa Civilian Assembly officials.

According to sources in the meeting, US officials promised support for the Raqqa Civilian Assembly.

The most important meeting of the US delegation will be held today.

The delegation consisting of Trump’s Special Envoy and US State Department officials will meet with SDF and YPG commanders.

In this meeting, the success of the Raqqa operation and the heavy weapons given to the YPG are expected to be assessed.

Political sources say by sending McGurk and State Department officials to the region, the US has given a message to the Turkish state that they will continue to work with Rojava and Northern Syria.


Source: Firat News Agency