boy-murdered-by-turkish-soldiersResidents of the mainly Arab village of Dehma, 30 km west of Serêkaniyê, were targeted by fire opened by Turkish soldiers as they worked in their fields at around 10:00 local time this morning. The attack left 28 years old villager Adnan Hesen dead.

This is not the first crime committed by forces of the invading Turkish state at the border with Rojava. During the recent period, dozens of people from Rojava have been murdered, wounded or tortured by soldiers of the Turkish army who are granted full impunity.

In the morning of May 8, gangs affiliated with the Turkish army attacked the Kurdish village of Nemanê 14 km north of al-Bab. The gangs also confiscated the properties of villagers, and murdered Kurdish civilian Mahmûd Ehmed Îsmaîl who refused to give his house to the gangs.

Soldiers of the invading Turkish army murdered 20-year-old Mueyed El-Xidir El-Bezkade from the Asil village of Girê Spî on 5 May night.


Source: Firat News Agency