map-shehbaTurkish army and affiliated gang groups such as Sultan Murad, Ahrar Al-Sham, Faylaq Al-Sham, Ahrar Sharkiya, Fırqat Al-Hamza launched an aggression around two months ago to take al-Bab.

The Turkish state has not achieved the result it desired in al-Bab despite all the attacks it carried out with the support of jets, grad missiles and howitzer fire by Russia, and aerial strikes of the Syrian regime and the US-led coalition aircraft from time to time.

After their failure in al-Bab, Turkish army and affiliated gangs started to attack villages in Efrîn and Shehba region and their aggression continues uninterrupted for more than one week, which face retaliation by fighters from Jaysh al-Thuwar (The Army of Revolutionaries), SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) and YPG (People’s Defense Units).

The Turkish forces and affiliates are conducting their attacks with howitzer, mortar and artillery fire for the past 10 days from their positions in Tal Cibrin, Axterin, Arshabe, Azaz and Marea.

Attacks resumed at 17:00 yesterday evening and continued into the morning hours. In addition, a group from Marea attempted to infiltrate in the village of Sheikh İsa, resulting in clashes with Jaysh al-Thuwar and SDF fighters, in which 5 gang members were killed.

The villages under attack by the Turkish army and affiliates over the past 10 days are: Fila El Qadi, Meraanaz, Mınıx military airport and village, Ayn Dekne, Belüniye, Tel Rıfat, Şeyh İsa, Hisacık, Tel Cican, Tehane.


Source: Firat News Agency