Denis de la ReussilleGreens MP in the Switzerland National Parliament Denis de la Reussille spoke about the aggravated isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and concerns for Öcalan’s health in the Switzerland Federal Council through an inquiry he submitted.


MP Denis de la Reussille submitted an inquiry to the Federal Council and stated that Öcalan has been held in prison under strict circumstances since 1999 and pointed out the aggravated isolation by saying, “Öcalan hasn’t been allowed to meet with anybody since September 11, 2016.”

Reussille also pointed out Kurdish People’s Leader Öcalan’s pro-peace stance in the solution to the Kurdish issue and requested the Switzerland Federal Council to contact the Turkish government about the conditions Öcalan is held under.


MP Reussille also pointed out the concerns regarding Öcalan’s health in the inquiry and said, “There have been some news articles on Öcalan’s health. As a founding member of the International Red Cross, the Switzerland Federal Council should contact the Turkish authorities regarding Öcalan’s health. We would like the Federal Council to pressure Turkish officials to allow a committee from the International Red Cross to visit Öcalan.”


Source: Firat News Agency