protest-in-afrinAfrin Canton Democratic Autonomous Administration released a statement about the Turkish state’s ongoing invasion operation against Afrin.

The statement is as follows;

“We as Afrin Canton Democratic Autonomous Administration confirm once again that Afrin Region is one of the indivisible territories of Syria. People’s Defense Units that undertake the defense of our region are giving a struggle for 6 years to prevent ISIS terrorists, Al-Qaeda and similar terrorist groups from establishing domination over this region and Syrian lands, and to protect the territorial integrity and national institutions of Syria.

This part of Syria is facing an attack from Turkey at the moment. This case constitutes a serious threat against Syria’s territorial integrity, the right to life and security of Afrin region’s civilian population. This hostile attitude seeks to take yet another part from Syrian lands and invade the Afrin region.

We confirm once again that we will resist these barbaric attacks against Afrin and stand against Turkey’s attempts to invade Afrin region. We expect the Syrian state to fulfill its responsibilities and protect Afrin and its own borders from Turkey. We remind Syria of its responsibility that it has not fulfilled despite having made an official statement on the matter, and we call on Syria to take a step in order for the protection of the region from Turkey’s invasion attack. The Syrian administration should deploy its armed forces properly in the region and fulfill its responsibilities for the protection of the Afrin region.”


Source: Firat News Agency