sideka-townThe Sideka town of Hewlêr’s Soran district is a strategic location in the triangle area between Bashur (Southern), Rojhilat (Eastern) and Bakur (Northern) Kurdistan. 18 thousand people live in Sideka town which has 292 villages under it. Repeated artillery attacks and aerial bombardments of Iran and Turkey have claimed the lives of 53 people during recent years.

Local administrator of the town, İhsan Çelebi, called for an end to the attacks of the Turkish and Iranian states that cause loss of lives and damage on the properties of people.

Çelebî stated that attacks seriously harm the nature and people of Kurdistan, saying; “Biradost is one of the most important areas with regard to agriculture and animal husbandry. The local people here live on agriculture. However, their works have been often interrupted by the bombardments and artillery attacks of Iran and Turkey during the past two years.”

Remarking that the people are victimized in every aspect, Çelebî continued; “Building of 115 villages could not be completed due to the bombardments and artillery attacks of Turkish and Iranian states. During the past two years, these states bombarded Biradost region 26 times, burning down the fields and gardens of the people and devastating the nature of Kurdistan. Most importantly, there have been losses of lives. During the most recent attack, a resident of Bermîze village has been martyred.”

Çelebî stressed that people demand an immediate end to these attacks on Kurdistan soil and their land.


Source: Firat News Agency