salih-muslim-asyaThe 7th Congress of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) continues in Rimêlan.

PYD Co-chair Saleh Moslem spoke in the congress and said: “Policies of capitalist and global forces have pushed people away from their own culture and reality. The essence of our efforts is to create free and organized characters capable of anything. We believe people will not turn against each other, on the contrary, will live together. Governing forces created conflicts among peoples. Our struggle is to build a democratic system.”


Moslem said their struggle is to strengthen Kurdish identity in Syria and continued: “The identity in Democratic Union Party (PYD) is a Kurdish identity in Syria. The essence of our efforts is to strengthen this identity. In our struggle, we’ve had many martyrs. Our slogan is ‘Resistance is life’, we will continue our struggle to the end with this slogan.”

Moslem said the following about the Syrian Revolution: “The Syrian Revolution was a harsh test for us. Right now, we are reaping the rewards of our efforts. We made good analyses on Syria’s situation. We were asked for a system on a third way to defend the fraternity of peoples and the common life. We didn’t accept foreign intervention, but we supported all attempts and efforts for a solution. We were able to unite our struggle. We always have hope for the resolution of the Syrian crisis but some forces are still not rid of the chauvinist ideas of the Baath regime.”


Moslem pointed out the future projects for Syria and said the following: “Some circles claim that we built an autonomous government, but our motto is ‘A Democratic and Federal Syria for All Peoples of Syria’. Some circles claim we want to fragment the country. Our aim is not to fragment or divide. We want the fraternity of peoples, a common life and a unity for all democratic forces. In that sense, our project is not a project to fragment Syria. Our goal is for the Syrian people to understand us. We need unity so a people in solidarity and free characters can be created. Free characters can build a democratic and free society.”


PYD Co-chair touched upon the commune elections held as part of the construction of the democratic federation and said: “The commune elections were held in Rojava and Northern Syria. The commune is the fundamental cell in society. In Northern Syria, the people are participating in elections and voting for the first time with their own free will. After the commune elections, there will be elections for councils and people’s councils (Democratic Peoples’ Congresses). This is a first in the Middle East. Our faith in the will of our people to protect their freedom and dignity knows no bounds.”

Moslem also mentioned the referendum in Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan and said: “A referendum was held in Bashurê Kurdistan. We respect our people from Bashur, but some say the referendum damaged national security for Turks, Arabs and Persians. What about the Kurds’ national security?”


Moslem said the PYD has frequently called for national unity and continued: “We favor our unity. We supported the Kurdistan National Congress and still continue to do so. Like we want freedom for Turkish, Arab and Persian peoples, we want freedom for our own people as well. Those who are free can determine their own destiny. They can implement freedom and democracy. Before, we were alone. Now, Arabs, Syriacs, Turkmens, Chechens, Êzidîs and all the peoples of the region are with us.”

PYD Co-chair Saleh Moslem repeated a promise to follow the path of the resisters.


Source: Firat News Agency