semelka-borderThe 7th Ordinary Congress of Democratic Union Party (PYD) has kicked off at Aram Tigran Culture and Arts Centre in Rimelan with the motto “From Free Rojava Toward Democratic Syria Federation”.

PYD delegates for Southern Kurdistan and several guests from Europe, Russia and other parts of Kurdistan have been obstructed by KDP asayish at Sêmelka Border Gate and are not allowed to cross into Rojava to attend the PYD congress.

The border officials have reportedly told PYD’s delegates and guests; “You are political individuals, we cannot allow your passage” although the invitees have shown their ID cards and passports.

When Turkey and Iran threatened to close their borders to Southern Kurdistan due to the independence referendum of September 25, Rojava administration announced that their doors will always be open for Southern Kurdistan.

PYD Co-chair Saleh Moslem also stated that they would defend the people of Southern Kurdistan in the event of an attack.


Source: Firat News Agency