northern-syria-federal-regions-mapNorthern Syria Federation Constituent Assembly passed an Administrative Regions Act to address the service efforts in the framework of democratic principles and the needs of the society in economic, cultural and all areas.

The federal regions have an autonomous administration structure and they are made up of areas with geographical, cultural and economic commons.

The federal regions of the Northern Syrian Federation are as follows:

Cizîrê Federal Region:

The Hesekê Canton, made up of Hesekê, Dirbesiyê, Serekaniyê and Til Temir areas,

The Qamishlo Canton, made up of Qamishlo and Derik areas.

Euphrates Federal Region:

The Kobanê Canton, made up of Kobanê city center and its hamlets, villages, towns and districts, Shêran district and Qenaya district

The Girê Spî Canton, made up of the State of Girê Spî and its hamlets, villages and towns, the Eyn Isa district and the Siluk district.

Efrîn Federal Region:

The Efrîn Canton, made up of the Efrîn, Cindirês and Raco areas and

The Shehba Canton, made up of the Shehba region and Ehrez, Fafîn and Kefer Naya districts.

The Administrative Regions Act was passed in the Northern Syrian Federation Constituent Assembly’s July 27-28, 2017 session.


Source: Firat News Agency