Dana-LencawayiWhile the world powers are engaged to deal on Iran’s nuclear programme, new government come into office of Rouhani has distorted the international circles eyes from the human rights condition in Iran and Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan) taking advantage of the “heroic flexibility” policy adopted by Iranian Supreme Leader as smile to outside and suppression to inside.

According to the report from Campaign in Defence of Civil and Political Prisoners, Dana Lencawayi Kurdish student and civil activist from Meriwan of Rojhelat was arrested by Meriwan Intelligence Office in 26 Jan 2014. The Intelligence Office has not been allowed to Dana’s family to meet him and there is no news of his condition still.

The human rights activist and member of Payame-e Noor student supreme council was captured at his work shop by Ettelaat forces and was taken to unknown location.

Meriwan Ettelaat agents have said to Dana’s family after repeated follow-up to the Office “do not ask your child’s condition”. There is no mention of the charges against him as yet.

He is known as a member of Chiya Green Association of Meriwan has been arrested three times by the security forces in allegation of protests against the exaction of Kurdish political prisoners via Iranian regime in last Nov 2013. He was deported to Sine University following pressure from the government troops.

In latest reports, human rights groups have expressed concern to raise number of extrajudicial arrests in Iran despite the populist rhetoric of Rouhani’s government.

Source: Campaign in Defence of Civil and Political Prisoners
Translate and edit by: Rojhelat.info