MIT-agent-Mehmet-Fatih-SayanMİT agent Mehmet Fatih Sayan’s trial started in Hamburg, Germany last Thursday. In the trial expected to continue into mid-October, Sayan is facing a 5-year prison sentence. The indictment was prepared by the federal prosecutor’s office and claims that Sayan (32) has been working for Turkish intelligence since 2013 and has received 30.000 Euros in return.

The next hearing will be held on September 21. Sayan had visited the Federal Immigration and Refugees Directorate and applied for asylum on December 12, 2016 after articles were published in Yeni Özgür Politika and other Kurdish media organs about him, and was arrested there after he gave important information regarding his MİT connections.

Agent Sayan’s lawyer is Marvin Schroth who has an office in Karlsruhe. He has stood out as the defense lawyer in ISIS cases in Germany in the recent past. One of Marvin Schroth’s clients is ISIS member Saleh A., whose trial continues in Dusseldorf.


In June 2016, one of two ISIS suicide bombers was planning to detonate himself on one of the busiest streets of Dusseldorf, Heinrich-Heine Boulevard, and the other to kill pedestrians with guns and explosives.

But the German police launched an operation against this ISIS cell in preparation and arrested two Syrian nationals. Third suspect in the investigation was Saleh A., who surrendered to the police in France and was extradited to Germany.

The trial of these 3 ISIS members started last July in Dusseldorf State High Court. Their lawyer Marvin Schroth denied Saleh A.’s ties with ISIS and claimed he was from Algeria, not Syria. Schroth also denied the information documented in the casefile and said: “My client was serving in the military in Algeria during the time he was supposedly in ISIS camps in Syria.”


Source: Firat News Agency