mehmet-aksoy3Military media training course named “Şehîd Fîraz Dağ” has begun with participation of YPG and YPJ fighters. Attendees receive ideological courses along with the lectures on Press-Publishing.

Mehmet Aksoy was from the Elbistan district of Northern Kurdistan in Maraş province. He grew up in London after his family’s migration to Europe. Since the early years of his youth, he has never been separated from the path of anti-capitalist, democracy and human rights struggle as part of the rightful struggle of the Kurdish people. Especially after the Şengal massacre on August 3, 2014, he ceaselessly carried out work and gave all his effort to inform and organize the Kurdish community and many others.

When several YPG Press Office members lost their lives in an aerial attack by the invading, fascist and colonialist Turkish army on the Qereçox Mountain in Dêrik on April 25, 2017, Mehmet Aksoy (nom de guerre Firaz Dağ) decided to go to Rojava to fill the void that had been created and to follow the path of the martyred journalists. He immediately took his place in the YPG press centre in order to take on the role of these friends and become a voice to the people and comrades, in order to tell the world about the injustice.

Aksoy was killed by ISIS while he was making a documentary about the Raqqa operation alongside the YPG on September 26. His body was received by a crowd of hundreds in London on October 25.

Aksoy was laid to rest Highgate Cemetery near Karl Marx in London on November 10th.


Source: Firat News Agency