A group of Kurdish youths and university students has joined the ranks of Kurdish Freedom Movement in protest against the war policies and political genocide operations of the AKP.

In a press briefing in guerrilla zones, the youths said they joined the ranks of HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA-Star (Free Women’s Troops) to protest the attack and annihilation concept of international imperialist forces and AKP government imposed on the Kurdish people and their leader and the gains of the Rojava Revolution.

The youths vowed that they will not remain silent in the face of the aggrevted isolation on Kurdish people’s leader Abdullh Öcalan, and that they will struggle to the end in order for the freedom of Öcalan and achievement of a lasting solution and peace between the Kurdish and Turkish people.

Remarking that the Kurdish people are going through a process of all-out resistance to defeat the military and political attacks targeting them, the group called on all the Kurdish and Turkish youths who define themselves as intellectual, democrat and defender of freedom to join the ranks of the struggle.

The Kurdish youths and university students pointed out that the Kurdish freedom movement has become the independent struggle of Middle East peoples and humanity today, and stressed that joining the ranks of HPG and YJA Star would be the best answer to eliminate the attacks by enemy forces.

The group also condemned the massacre of 32 socialist people in Suruç district of Urfa last month, and pledged to strengthen the revolutionary struggle to carry it to victory.

Source:  Firat News Agency