durankalkan-5PKK Executive Committee Member Duran Kalkan answered Ersin Çelik’s questions for the Politik Alan (Political Arena) program on Kurdish TV MED NÛÇE. Kalkan evaluated the most recent Suruç massacre, operations of political genocide and Turkish airstrikes against Medya Defense Zones.

The first part of Kalkan’s statements was translated by ANF English service below.

The last week witnessed the Suruç massacre, initiation of political genocide operations and airstrikes against Medya Defense Zones. Could these three developments be assessed as the parts of a new concept?

The most recent airstrikes have proved us to be true regarding our accusations against the AKP government, the officials of which were denying perpetrating the Suruç and Amed massacre, in response to which we argued the perpetration of “AKP massacres under the mask of ISIS”. The recent airstrikes have dropped the mask and revealed the true face and reality of the AKP. This is actually a traditional state reality in Turkey.

The Turkish state has put into practice the decisions they made at the meeting of the National Security Council on October 30, 2014. There advanced an an attempt of attack with insults against our Leader and Movement as President Tayyip Erdoğan denied the İmralı talks, Dolmabahçe Declaration and preparations for negotiations, which was followed by lynching attempts targeting the HDP. What happens now is the clarification of the then ambiguous situation. Then too, we evaluated the developments as a total and particular warfare.

It is now being said that this warfare will continue unless the PKK terminates itself and the Kurdish resistance is eliminated. In that case, this must be what is being imposed on the Kurdish Leader in İmralı at the moment. The revealed true face is the traditional policy of the Turkish state in effect for the last two hundred years, pursued during the last Ottoman ruling and the governments of the Republic. With this, they tell Kurds ‘you will have no will, no organization, no decision force, and surrender’. What the AKP government forces us to do now, is to surrender. There is nothing else in question.

We treated the process sincerely and honestly. A cease-fire was announced at 2013’s Newroz but we had already started acting in line with the process after the initiation of talks with Leader Apo (Öcalan) as of January of 2013. As of the Newroz, we manifested a quite consistent attitude and showed great care to abide by the ceasefire so that the war in Rojava wouldn’t be carried into northern Kurdistan, despite the support given to ISIS, murder of thousands of Kurds in Rojava and death of hundreds of youths from the North. In response, AKP persistently pursued a policy of threat and blackmail.

It came out that a process of delay had been estimated in order for the protection of the AKP ruling which was still going to initiate an operation against Kurds once it won the June 7 elections after all the others, while PKK had been expected to remain inactive within this process. This plan was upset to a degree on June 7 when the AKP lived a serious shock but yet didn’t give up on their intentions, and they started provocations step by step to make their purposes real.

This began with the hindrance of HDP’s rallies in Turkish cities, bombing of Mersin-Adana offices, and continued with a massacre in Amed rally on June 5 with an aim to have the elections cancelled once it became evident that they wouldn’t be able to win it.


We have documents proving that the perpetrators of the massacre in HDP’s Amed rally worked in cooperation with Diyarbakır Police Directorate and the AKP. As I urged before, the massacre in Amed, and then in Suruç, needs to be explained by the Undersecretary of the MIT (National Intelligence Service). They couldn’t reach their goal and to have the election canceled due to the common sense of the people and the failure to detonate more bombs.

Once they lost the election, they started making various attempts to provide a basis for attacks within the concept of total warfare. We know that the AKP also has a part in the most recent massacre in Kobanê. The Suruç massacre is the most recent one committed through the secret forces of the AKP, as a continuation of the June 5 attack on Diyarbakır rally.


The operations of political genocide and airstrikes are being conducted openly. MIT and the army are being used in a bad way as Kurds are once again being forced to surrender and lay down arms. As I asked during the previous process; What is this state and government planning to do to the Kurds when they lay down arms? No answer was given to this question yet. A system which committs pressure and massacre against armed Kurds would do anything to them once they remain defenseless.

AKP is currently pursuing policies to avenge their defeat in June 7 elections and Rojava Revolution, just like the case in Suruç and airstrikes. Kurds have attained a position with a stronger and freer will and they want to crush it. Their plan was to defeat this will, also during the İmralı talks. And now, they are avenging on İmralı after failing to achieve this purpose of theirs.

The currently pursued policy is based on a 200-year-old traditional policy of denial and destruction of Kurds forcing them to surrender.

As for the most recent airstrikes against guerrilla areas, what is the concrete damage this operation has caused, apart from the forest fires that primarily damaged the nature?

We are not doing politics over strikes. Davutoğlu, who is new on politics, assumes this as an important political ground, but it is not. A pretty valuable comrade of ours has fallen a martyr, and some others were wounded in the airstrikes. We may lose further comrades in this battle but the Kurdish people are not unprotected, powerless or weak-willed. They are capable of answering everyone as is needed.


The statements released by KCK, HPG, DTK, actually the Kurdish Freedom Movement as a whole, called for the enhancement of the struggle. What would this mean for the coming period? What attitude will the Kurdish Freedom Movement will display in the new period?

These attacks have once again unmasked the AKP and eliminated the expectations from the AKP, which has a major important for us because of the fact that AKP will not be able to deceive anyone any more. Nobody has an expectation left from the AKP now.

AKP is now starting to end, it will be drown in the blood it has shed. They had better stop shedding blood as they will otherwise end up badly. It is obvious which end was faced by those who shed blood in the Middle East and the world. I would therefore warn the AKP that they can get nowehere and attain nothing with these policies which will just carry it into a more dangerous position.


What Hakan Fidan (MIT Undersecretary) was revealed to be saying in a tape recording last year has turned out to be true. He said ‘We can start the process (of war) by having several missiles fired from inside Syria’…

Exactly. War against ISIS is just a lie. They made it up to cover up the Suruç massacre and to distort the agenda. There is no such a war. ISIS fired no single bullets on them and it released a statement in support of the AKP policies, voicing concerns over the establishment of a Kurdish state. Would a force fighting with the AKP ever happen to target it?

The sergeant killed there was murdered by Turkey itself. They didn’t shoot any ISIS members. All the operations against ISIS are a lie. They are hitting Kurds and revolutionary-democratic powers by pretending to be hitting the ISIS. Because of the very much exposure of the ISIS, they want to put PKK in the same equation with ISIS with an aim to defame the Kurdish resistance. AKP and ISIS are side by side, they are friends and allies. This is how it has progressed so far and now the AKP wants to brainwash Turkey’s public opinion.

If Turkey is fighting against ISIS, who perpetrated the joint attacks in Kobanê last year and who set their hopes on ISIS’ attacks on Kobanê? The public opinion hasn’t forgotten the statements of Tayyip Erdoğan and Ahmet Davutoğlu. This is a collusion.

I do not know if ISIS would attack Turkey but such a case is not improbable as there are also some powers that want this. It seems that the recent relations established by the AKP are dragging Turkey into such a war. The public opinion will soon see if it is the AKP’s relations and friends of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is endeavoring to establish a democratic units on the basis of peoples’ fraternity and friendship, that will lead Turkey to liberation and democracy.

As for what needs to be done; there must exist a true mindset in the first place. We need to see and understand correctly the fascist, colonialist and dictator side of the AKP, the power before us. On the other hand, a unity of the Kurdish freedom forces and revolutionary-democratic powers of Turkey is very important for the democratic unity of Turkey’s society.

Avenging on Suruç massacre is emancipating Turkey from this fascist dictatorship by establishing a most advanced alliance with the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the freedom of the Kurdish people. This massacre aimed to intimidate the Turkey’s society, intellectuals, women and youths that this would be the end of those standing near the Kurds. The best response to AKP should be ensuring a unity of Kurdish and Turkish peoples, and to form a democratic unity in the society of Turkey to be grounded on the sense of democratic nation and system that will enable all the identities, cultures and peoples to lead a free life together.

Source: Firat News Agency


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