hpg-3HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press Office released a statement about the invasion operation launched by the Turkish army on Zap region of Medya Defense Zones at 21:30 on June 16th.

Accordingly, clashes that erupted during the invasion operation continue in all intensity.

The statement said the following:

“At 10:00 on June 18th, our forces targeted the enemy forces on Martyr Munzur ridge, which left 3 soldiers dead and 1 other wounded. Shortly after this action, guerrillas targeted the soldiers here for the second time, as result of which 2 more soldiers were killed.

At 13:30 our forces hit the Turkish soldiers trying to situate in Qela Bêdewê area, leaving 1 soldier dead. Following this action, our forces consecutively targeted the soldiers in this area at 17.00 17.15, 17.30 and 18.30 in the afternoon. As result of these assaults, 8 soldiers were verified killed and many others wounded.

From afternoon till the evening, out forces carried out 6 sabotage actions on the Turkish units here, which left 8 soldiers dead.

Turkish army conducted ceaseless bombardments with jets, Cobra type helicopters, howitzer and mortar fire as the actions of guerrillas continued into the morning hours today.

At 07:30 on June 19th, our forces targeted the enemy forces trying to situate and form emplacements in Sipê strait. Strikes at close range left 7 soldiers dead and 2 others wounded.

Concurrently, guerrilla forces targeted the enemy forces trying to situate on Martyr Munzur ridge. These strikes left 2 soldiers dead and 1 other wounded.

In the face of the effective actions of guerrillas, the invading Turkish army shelled this area with jets at 08:00 this morning.

In the clashes and actions during the past 24 hours, 31 soldiers of the Turkish army were confirmed killed and many others were wounded.”


Source: Firat News Agency