efrin-shehba-mapTurkish state allied gang settled in Azaz bombed Enab, Teneb, Qetma, Qestel Cindo and Velat Qadi villages in Efrîn’s Shera district this morning in the early hours. Later on they bombed Jalbir and Kashtayar villages, the area around the Shehba Camp in Der Jamal and the Der Jamal town.

The gangs also bombed the border gate in Qetam village used by thousands of refugees to cross into the Efrîn Canton.

The Turkish state allied gangs are settling in Mari currently, and are bombing Tal Rifat and Sheikh Hilal regions in Shehba and revolutionary forces are retaliating.

Gangs still continue attacking villages in Efrîn and Shehba. The villages have been hit by artilleries dozens of times.


Source: Firat News Agency