ybs-yjs-2Reactions are growing against the attack launched by the KDP (Kurdistan Democrat Party) of South Kurdistan against the Shengal/Women’s Defense Units YBŞ/YJŞ, the self-defense forces of the Êzidî people, in Xanesor town of Shengal.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Ali Atalan said the attack on the self-force of Shengal people was unacceptable, saying it grabbed attention that the attack came after Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani’s visit to Turkey.


Atalan pointed out that a coordinated aggression has been launched on Manbij and Shengal soon after Barzani’s most recent visit to Turkey, saying the followings: “These attacks aim to push the Êzidîs out of the lands where they have been living for centuries, and to enforce another migration of Êzidîs to Europe. While ISIS faces extinction, the forces that fired no single bullet on ISIS so far are attacking the Êzidîs today.

These forces are trying to do what ISIS couldn’t. They have taken over the mission attempted by ISIS. No matter in the name of whom they do this, they will not differ from ISIS at all. These attacks are not coincidental while the hope to end ISIS arises and while Êzidîs are turning back home, their sacred lands. These attacks constitute a message that these forces will not allow Êzidîs to live in their own land. Still, Êzidîs will continue their resistance against this aggression, in response to which all Êzidîs and democratic circles should raise their voices, take to the streets and manifest a stance against those behind these attacking forces. They will definitively fail. The oppressed society of Êzidîs have suffered similar attacks for centuries, but they have always preserved their culture.”


Another Êzidî MP of the HDP, Feleknas Uca called attention to the fact that the ground for this attack was prepared in Ankara.

Uca recalled that the Êzidî people had suffered an ISIS massacre when 8 thousand peshmergas of the KDP left their arms during ISIS attack of July 3, 2014. She said: “While there is a talk of Kurdish national unity congress today, KDP is starting a fratricidal fighting. KDP peshmergas and Turkey’s gangs are entering the Shengal soil and attacking the people. This is a betrayal of the KDP against the Kurdish people. It is unacceptable that KDP launches an attack while it is supposed to liberate the areas occupied by ISIS. We call upon the KDP government to end this fratricidal fighting and to fight against ISIS instead of its own people. We will not forget this day like we did not forget July 3, 2014.”


Source: Firat News Agency