leyla-guven2Mesopotamia Association of Assistance and Solidarity for Families with Lost Relatives (MEYA-DER) organised an iftar meeting with the families of those killed during the conflict and curfew process in Northern Kurdistan yesterday evening.

The event in Amed was attended by many politicians including Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-chair Leyla Güven, Democratic Regions’ Party (DBP) Deputy Co-chair Gülcihan Şimşek, co-chairs and administrators of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and DBP provincial and district branches in Amed, Peace Mothers and Democratic Islam Congress members. Families of the victims of the massacre at the HDP rally in Amed on June 5, 2015 also attended the iftar meeting.

Speaking here, DTK Co-chair Leyla Güven commemorated all those who lost their lives in the conflict in the Kurdish region, and pointed out the ongoing atrocity of the AKP government.


Regarding the ‘Justice March’ Republican People’s Party (CHP) started from Ankara to Istanbul yesterday following the arrest of CHP MP Enis Berberoğlu, Güven said the following: “CHP is seeking justice. Justice is dead already. The Kurdish people know when justice died. Justice died in Roboski, in the massacres across Kurdistan and in the basements of atrocity in Cizre. Had CHP marched with us to Cizre, we would be seeking justice together today. We had no one near us as we resisted for justice.”


Güven stated that there was only an “AKP justice” in Turkey, against which the Kurdish people resisted and fought. Remarking that the Kurdish people became the greatest power in the Middle East today, Güven said: “The Kurds are meeting the Ramadan and holidays with war for many years. Today, the Kurds have reached the point of victory. We will welcome the century ahead of us with a free leader and free life. No one should doubt it.”


Güven continued, with the following comments on the independence referendum to be held in Iraqi Federal Kurdistan Region: “Bashur (South Kurdistan) heads for independence. They are welcome to do so, independence is their right. Struggle continues in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) as well. In Rojava (West Kurdistan), a revolution has been made. In Bakur (North Kurdistan) as well, democratic autonomy is an inalienable right, what we are born with, and it is close. We will continue to struggle with determination just like we have resisted with our mothers up to date. Victory is near, may nobody doubt it. We have the key of the coming century. We need neither CHP’s nor AKP’s justice. We have the power to secure our own justice.”


Source: Firat News Agency