ocalan19There are worrying news surrounding the health of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan. For the past two days, some circles are spreading news on social media that Mr Ocalan has died in prison. We as the Kurdish people are concerned for Mr Ocalan’s life.

Recent rumours and discussions in the Turkish media as to whether he is still alive has created grave concerns amongst the Kurds in Turkey, Middle East and Europe including the EU.

Within this framework, we have launched mass actions to call upon the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) and all related international organizations to intervene in this inhumane torture against Mr Ocalan.

The CPT is responsible for upholding the rule of law and the dignity of prisoners and until now has not fulfilled its responsibility in the case of Mr Ocalan.

It is also a fundamental right of his family, his legal representatives and the public to be informed of Mr Ocalan’s health. For this reason, Mr Ocalan must urgently be allowed a visit from his lawyers and family.

It is for this reason that we, as the representatives of the Kurdish people and their friends, are now on the 22th day of our sit-in action in front of the CPT in Strasbourg, France, to ensure this organization fulfils its responsibilities by visiting Mr Ocalan in Imrali Island to assess the situation.

  • We call on the Committee for Prevention of Torture (CPT) to intervene to ensure that the necessary information needed in this situation is obtained.
  • We call on all Kurdish and democratic groups to take action and demand an explanation over Ocalan’s health and security situation.
  • We call on the international forces which handed Ocalan over to Turkey on 15thFebruary 1999 to intervene in the name of humanity and their collective responsibility in his captivity and later trial which was found to be unfair and he was found to be subjected to psychological torture, under European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

Institutions supporting the sit-in action in Strasbourg, France: 

The complete list of organizations attending the press statement and supporting the action were as follows: KONGRA-Gel; Kurdish Democratic Society Congress in Europe (KCDK-E); Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (TJK-E); Kurdish Democratic Society Centre in Germany (NAV-DEM); Kurdish Society Centre in France (CDK-F); NAV-BEL; DEM-NED; Sinjar Yazidi Assembly; Institution for the Families of Martyrs (KOMAW); Kurdistan Islamic Society (CİK); NAV-YEK; The Platform for the Kurds of Central Anatolia (PKAN-E); TEV-ÇAND; Kurdistan National Congress (KNK); Goran Movement; Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (YNK); Democratic Union Party (PYD); PJAK, Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDP); Peoples’ Democratic Congress – Europe (HDK-A), Communist Party of Kurdistan; Democratic Party of Kurds in Syria (PDK-S); Islamic Party of Kurdistan (PİK); Socialist Re-establishment Party (SYKP); The Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP); The Confederation of Oppressed immigrants in Europe (AvEG-KON); The Platform of Revolutionary peoples of the Black Sea; The Federation of Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATİK); The Federation of Democratic Workers’ Associations (DIDF); European Confederation of European Peoples (ADHK); Mesopotamia People’s Congress (MHK); Livable World, NOR-Zartonk; The Federation of Democratic Dersim Unions (ADEF); The Greens and Left Future Party; Revolutionary Party, Kocgiri Cultural Centre in Europe, Maras initiative in Europe, Kurecik People’s Initiative in Europe, Yazidi Women’s Assembly


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