diyarbakir-bombing-attack-2015CCTV footage presented to a court in Amed raised questions about Turkish police involvement in 2015 Amed rally bombing which killed five and wounded more than 100.

The footage shows two policemen -with a bomb-sniffing dog- checking the area where Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP) final public meeting took place in Amed, on June 5, 2015. The bomb-sniffing dog made a move to the trash can, warning the policeman, but it was ignored and pulled away from the scene. After them one bomb expert checked the trash can where the bomb had been hidden. Although the expert was seen to check the trash can in detail he “failed” to locate the bomb inside the can.

The footage obtained by Evrensel daily newspaper also shows the moments Orhan Gönder, the sole suspect of the bombing, placing bombs in the thrash can and beneath a drink stand in the rally area.

In the video, Gönder is seen touring with a plastic bag hours before the public meeting starts. He then approaches to the thrash can, takes out one of the explosives from the plastic bag and places it in the can. Gönder then leaves another plastic bag with an explosive device inside beneath the drink stand.

The video also shows Gönder with a person who is wearing a blue shirt. Gönder is seen talking with the same person before he places the bombs.

Turkish police seem not even bothered about Gönder and accompanying person, don’t check their identity or their bags.

The video also refutes Turkish police’s claims that the area was properly searched before the meeting. It can be seen that Turkish police didn’t search the spot where the second bomb was placed.

Before the new CCTV footage emerged, Turkish police had claimed that the bomb was planted after the police searched the area thoroughly.

Despite the report prepared by inspectors basing on the Security Directorate’s investigation highlights a chain of omissions, two policemen who “failed” to spot the bombs were only charged with non-promotion for up to 2 years and deduction of pay by 25 percent.


Source: Firat News Agency