asya AbdullahInvestigation into the massacre committed by ISIS against civilians in Kobanê on June 25, continues.The Investigation Commission has completed the first phase of the investigation it is running together with three committees.

PYD Co-President Asya Abdullah spoke to ANF regarding this process.

For a re-evaluation of the 25 June massacre, what would you say about its method and aim?

This massacre was perpetrated against the gains of Rojava Kurdistan. It is a particular war attack organized from a single center. It targeted the Democratic Autonomy project and the peoples living together in Rojava. As ISIS gangs suffered heavy blows in the hands of the YPG/YPJ forces, the local people welcomed their gains in great enthusiasm. Arab, Syriac, Armenian and Turkmen peoples do all embrace the democratic living alternative. This most recent attack did indeed target all these. I would like to underline that all the attacks conducted on Rojava and Kobanê so far have aimed to displace the people from this territory.

What was the attitude of the Kobanê people towards this massacre, will they be able to overcome it?

Our people who have already waged a struggle and remained standing in the face of all attacks over the past four years have defeated this attack too, and not allowed it to reach its goal. The attitude of our people towards this massacre is very important. The people of Kobanê manifested yet another historic sample of resistance and devotion in the face of this massacre. The stance of the women, youths and even children in Kobanê and Rojava has once again proved the sacredness of their devotedness to the revolution and their values. There are images showing small children making victory signs as the massacre was perpetrated. Similarly, women resisted to the gangs with kalashnikov rifles till the arrival of YPG/YPJ fighters at the scene. The people of Kobanê resisted to the perpetrators of this massacre but, unfortunately, the dressing of the gangs in YPG uniforms caused many losses of life.

How do you treat the statements that target you on the excuse of this massacre?

Some circles are making an effort to gain an advantage and political ranting for themselves over this attack. There is a matter of an exploitation far from moral extends. These circles are trying to gain favor from the massacre by arguing that “as we stated before, the present forces cannot defend Rojava”. The idea and policy of these circles is not grounded on the revolution, nor the benefits of the people. These are circles that contented themselves with just press statements while YPG/YPJ forces resisted to all the attacks during the past four years.

We are neither paying regard to them, nor taking them seriously. If these circles are sincere, they should come here and participate the resistance and fight. There is no other practice of sincerity in Rojava. If they are loyal to Rojava and the people, it is obvious what they need to do. Rojava cannot be defended with press releases. They are avoiding any concession from their comfort while attacking the heroes of this people who are sacrificing their lives. This takes no effect in Rojava. Our people do know this collaborative policy and attach no importance to it, and give the necessary answer anyway by choosing their side.

Has there been any change in the attitude of the Turkish state?

The negative attitude and policy of the AKP and the Turkish state is already on the agenda of the Kurds and the whole world. We are a part of democratic Syria. As a party, we are giving a struggle for a democratic Syria, and will continue doing so. The current policy of the AKP and the Turkish state is not for the benefit of Syria’s and Turkey’s peoples. Even the rumours on AKP government’s plans to occupy Rojava do explicitly manifest the Turkish state and AKP’s attitude towards Rojava.

The Turkish state and government must make their attitude clear now, and abandon enmity towards Rojava. The gangs attacking Rojava mustn’t be supported and promoted. Concrete circumstances and political attitude do already expose the support of the Turkish state to ISIS and other gang groups. All democratic institutions and establishments should adopt an open attitude towards this situation. They should know that an occupation attempt will be for the benefit of nobody, and will constitute a danger for Turkey itself the most.

Which results have been reached in the investigation into the massacre so far?

The results we have reached in political aspect reveal that some circles have been a party to the attacks on Rojava and Kobanê since the very beginning. These circles are those that have remained unresponsive and adopted no attitude in the face of these attacks from which they furthermore tried to gain an advantage.

On the other hand, the commissions we set up have conducted an investigation into the massacre. We formed three committees all of which have accomplished some results. We are currently evaluating the statements of witnesses and images of the massacre. We will soon prepare a report on this matter. The works of these committees have entered the second phase of preparing a report.

Are you involved in any works to carry the massacre to international arena?

We will report our works in utter detail and these reports will be officially submitted to all international institutions and establishments. Yet, international organizations must come here and conduct an investigation at scene. The available files, documents and images could be shared with them and they could be enabled to talk to witnesses. We are inviting to Kobanê all the institutions and organizations in request of a humanitarian and legal investigation on Kobanê massacre.

Are you considering to file an application to the international war crimes tribunal with regards to the concrete role of the Turkish state?

Our law committee is making an examination in this regard. We will for sure discuss it and see what conditions and steps it requires. Once the reports are finalized, our committees will decide on which kind of an application needs to be filed through which institution. Besides, some international organizations will make examinations. We will determine which organizations will be based on by relevant courts in this context. Many organizations could get involved in this process and I believe they will be taken into consideration.

Source: Firat News Agency