metin-kulunkThe ANF has obtained footage of a speech given by AKP Istanbul MP Metin Külünk where Külünk talks about how the opposition in Europe are under close surveillance and are targeted by the state.

AKP Istanbul MP Metin Külünk gave a speech in the event organized by the AKP’s European organization Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) Switzerland branch in Hoss Hotel in Winterthour in October 2016 and admitted that the Turkish state targets the opposition from Turkey in Europe.


Külünk spoke on the July 15 coup attempt for some 3 hours and at some point in the 3 hours, summarized the Turkish state’s targeting the opposition from Turkey in Europe as part of “state policy”:

“Wherever the members of these organizations run to, this state will pursue them. This is not like posting on Facebook. If they are man enough, they will come to Turkey and write those things, and we’ll see. They sit here and write against Turkey, do you think those are not surveilled? Don’t worry, they are all under surveillance. It is the duty of a state to not let go of the traitors to their state. That shows how grand the state is.

They sit around in Basel, in Zurich or in Winterthour, writing against Turkey, holding meetings, and Turkey won’t surveil you. Tough luck! You will gather here, buy hotels, and the state won’t follow this – please!”

Source: Firat New Agency