women-resistanceA report of the Umut foundation on the increasingly femicide revealed that 226 women have been murdered in Turkey in the first six months of this year.

The report reads: “In these murder cases 201 women and family members have been killed. 81 women and family members have been wounded. Of the 31 husbands who tried to commit suicide after murdering their wives, 22 have died.”

The foundation stated that the number of murdered women increases day by day, and pointed out that due to the decrease in quality of the society’s education, acts of violence and rape going unpunished and rapists and molesters being acquitted on court order, the violence against women consequently experiences a skyrocketing increase.

The report also said: “Regardless of the religion, language and ethnicities, we condemn the killing of women no matter where in this world”, and the demand was raised to prosecute the perpetrators severely as to prevent similar murders from happening.


Source: Firat News Agency