rojhilatIranian regime’s military exercise near the border with Southern Kurdistan after the independence referendum, sparked protests in Eastern Kurdistan cities. Since yesterday Iranian regime forces arrested more than 100 Kurds who took part in demonstrations.

According to local sources Iranian police along with intelligence officials raided homes of Kurdish activists in Saqiz, Mahabad and Ciwanro. Heavily armed policemen tortured people during raids and took dozens of activists to Itlaat (Iranian intelligence agency) interrogation centres.

Human Rights Organizations in Eastern Kurdistan said the number of people in custody is over a hundred.

In Sine, seven Kurdish youths were taken into custody by Iranian police in the city’s Iqbal Square. Several people were called and summoned to Itlaat centres for interrogation.

After the mass arrests the families started sit-in protests in front of Itlaat centres in Kurdish cities. The families continue their protests despite threats of arrests by Iranian police.

Iranian regime started embargo against Southern Kurdistan after the region voted for independence in a referendum on Sunday, in which 92.73% voted ‘Yes’. Tehran also launched a military exercise near the border with Kurdish region.

As the move sparked protests in Eastern Kurdistan, yesterday thousands of Kurds took to the streets to protest Iran’s policy against Southern Kurdistan.


Source: Firat News Agency